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New IP Connect service from ADT Security

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ADT Security  unveiled its IP Connect service which is a high security platform for advanced remote security monitoring services. ADT Security, the electronic security company, has developed a next generation remote security monitoring service, furnishing a more reliable, flexible and cost effective solution than conventional monitoring technology.

Based on internet protocol technology, the heart of the service is the IP Connect Gateway which connects the security system to either a private or internet-based network, which can be wired, wireless or both.

IP Connect is an ideal service for customers with a corporate network and is designed as a carrier grade service that complies with tried and proven networking standards. Complying with Australian Standard AS2201.5, the IP Connect service can be configured to meet class five - the highest class possible.

ADT’s IP Connect Gateway is able to offer highly reliable communication by providing multiple paths for transmitting the alarm. The Gateway also continuously polls the connection between the alarm panel and ADT’s Security response centre to test the integrity of the link. This means that if the primary communication path fails, a backup path will ensure that the alarms continue to be transmitted, allowing for increased integrity of the alarm signalling.

The frequency with which the connection is polled is entirely flexible and can be as often as every 20 seconds. The alarm traffic is also encrypted, offering greater protection from determined intruders. By employing multiple paths and regular polling, ADT’s Security response centre will quickly know if an alarm panel connection is cut or otherwise compromised and be able to respond immediately. Using a regular phone line (PSTN) alone, it takes up to 24 hours for a fault to be reported. The IP Connect Gateway also allows for the omission of a PSTN connection altogether, saving the cost of line rental and call costs.
The IP Connect Gateway allows additional services to be added once they are introduced onto the market. For example, it won’t be long before video transmissions can be sent to the response centre enabling it to verify the source of the alarm.

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