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Minorplanet Asia-Pacific and ADT Security join forces to become certified IAP 1 Service Provider

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Minorplanet Asia-Pacific and ADT Security have joined forces to work towards becoming a certified Intelligent Access Program (IAP)1 Service Provider.

With their combined expertise and experience in GPS hardware and as an independent and secure service provider, Minorplanet and ADT Security have made a significant investment towards producing a single unit to fulfil regulatory and business management needs and to offer as an independent and secure service provider.

Minorplanet has applied for and is actively working towards certification from the Transport Certification Australia (TCA).

Transport companies will be able to use the IAP to gain improved access to the Australian road network. By enabling demonstrated compliance to access conditions set down by road authorities, additional business benefits may also be gained such as higher mass limits and access to wider route areas on a state-by-state basis. In short, more freight, moving faster.

“We are working towards providing customers with a system that will have the benefit of just one unit to provide both the regulatory as well as business requirements. As a result of this, plus the industry leadership of the solution partners, transport companies will receive the benefit of data security,” explained Martin Ryan, CEO, Minorplanet Asia-Pacific.

“As leading players in our respective fields, we’re confident that if we become an IAP Service Provider it will allow us to provide an invaluable tool for heavy vehicle operators looking for new and improved ways to stay ahead of the competition. For road authorities, the ability to extensively manage these roads and the vehicles using them has the potential to deliver safer roads for everyone,” said Stevan Ristic, National Product Manager, ADT Security.

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