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C•CURE 9000 available from ADT Security

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Software House, an access control brand of ADT Security , showcased the capabilities of its new open architecture security management platform, the C•CURE 9000 at the recent ASIAL Security 2008 Conference.

Developed to support industry-leading databases, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Oracle 10g, the C•CURE 9000 features integration capabilities and a graphical interface, making it flexible, easy to configure and easy to use platforms in the industry.

Drawing from Microsoft’s powerful .NET platform, the C•CURE 9000 allows for the convergence of an unlimited number of security applications using the same graphical interface, navigation and drivers. Supporting the integration of multiple programming languages, .NET also gives security software developers the capability to choose the most effective programming language for the specific task at hand.

As Joshua Simmons, Regional Sales Manager ACVS explains, the C•CURE 9000 will prove popular with many of Australia’s government organisations and leading corporates who have recognised the benefits of open architecture and are increasingly seeking application platforms built with third-party integration in mind.

The C•CURE 9000 is suitable for the customers who want a customisable platform that integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, while enabling the convergence of physical and logical security measures.

Secure Socket Layers (SSL) provide encrypted communication between the C•CURE client and server, while Microsoft Windows single sign-on and authentication of historical log content feature an electronic signature on each event. This allows administrators to detect additions, modifications, or deletions of data, which is critical in order to maintain compliance with standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and 21-CFR Part 11.

As ADT Security design complex systems for customers, their team of software developers are often called upon to develop custom applications. Traditionally, creating these has been a time-consuming process, requiring developers to write lines of code to push or pull data to or from various sources but the C•CURE 9000 is set to change all that.

While software developers and system integrators will benefit from the introduction of the C•CURE 9000, the security operator is also able to take advantage of the platform’s flexibility.

Based on the familiar Microsoft Outlook context-sensitive toolbar and main navigation pane, the C•CURE 9000 graphical interface is intuitive. From drop-down lists to the Windows Explorer tree structure, the C•CURE 9000 administration and monitoring stations are user-friendly, easy to navigate and fully customisable.

For extremely effective information management, the C•CURE 9000 supports multiple layouts and monitoring station panes in the same window to enable an operator to focus on system activity, while another window displays live video.

In the C•CURE 9000 monitoring station, each pane is live and interactive. With appropriate permissions a person can manipulate data fields and change views, navigate around maps, launch a video tour and perform quick searches all in real time from the one interface.

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