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ADT Security release Sensormatic Multipurpose Tags

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Phil Brown, National Retail Manager, ADT Security , shares information about the new products that have been launched by ADT Security. In July, ADT Security released Sensormatic Ultra Tag MT, a multipurpose tag suited to a wide range of products with particular benefits for wine and spirit bottles. The Ultra Tag MT was designed with three key requirements namely ease of use, high security and minimal impact on product presentation. The Ultra Tag MT incorporating acousto-magnetic (AM) detection technology, has been found to be 1.5 times more effective than radio frequency (RF) technology.

The slimline Sensormatic Maxcalibur pedestal features advanced acousto-magnetic (AM) technology and a footprint five to six times smaller than that of traditional EAS systems. Sensormatic Maxcalibur pedestals leave more room for customers, shopping trolleys, staff and merchandise displays. Cashiers also benefit from having an unobstructed view of would-be shoplifters.

The Sensormatic Ultra Max AMD 5278 deactivator is a scanner/scale/deactivation solution that enhances checkout productivity in high volume retail environments and increases the effectiveness of loss prevention programmes.

Following are the products that are launched by ADT Security that can have an impact on the POS or Security Technology markets.

RFID plus EAS: With the new iREAD platform, Sensormatic will be able to carry both RFID and EAS, combining greater inventory control and superior item-level security. By eliminating the separate power, control, readers, cables and antenna, the Sensormatic iREAD platform can reduce both the complexity and cost of installation. The platform is expected to significantly broaden the appeal of RFID to retailers considering the use of the technology to enhance their operations.

Integrated CCTV: The Intellex solution offered by ADT is an intelligent digital video management system that digitally records multiple camera images directly to an internal hard drive, eliminating the need for conventional VCRs and their associated maintenance. In addition to recording, Intellex provides simultaneous recording, playback and archiving facilities, while using Intellex’s sophisticated search functions to define and find only those important events that meet set, security-alert criteria.

Retail Intelligence Solutions: Complex business operations demand real-time data that replace traditional paper-trails and multiple metrics that converge into single, simple-interface reporting systems. Sensormatic Smart EAS captures and transmits data over the store’s IT network in real-time to be analysed and delivered in graphical, easy-to-read exception-based reports as well as sent as alerts to mobile phones or PDAs. Management are alerted as to when, where and how to take action. Sensormatic Analytics offers storewide intelligence, gathering information from all of the key data producing systems within the store including point of sale, electronic article surveillance, traffic counters, vendor direct store delivery activity and in store inventory transaction data. The data is stored in a powerful data mart and configured to deliver trend statistics and actionable reports.

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