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ADT Security provides new monitoring service

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As Australia’s population ages, more and more seniors are striving to maintain active and independent lifestyles.

For many, this means staying in own homes and remaining self-sufficient.

However, there do remain certain risks such as sudden illness or potentially a fall, particularly for seniors who live alone. While these range from minor accidents to serious problems, often the important thing is being able to contact a friend or relative; or other assistance.

From July of this year, a new monitoring service is helping more NSW seniors continue that independent lifestyle. The service, named IndiPendant, is provided by international security company, ADT Security.

The system combines a lightweight, waterproof alarm that can be worn as a pendant or wristband, and a monitoring station that plugs into the home phone line. This system is connected to ADT’s Monitoring Response Centre, where trained operators are ready 24 hours a day. Once an alarm has been activated and the Response Centre alerted, operators can notify a nominated contact, or if necessary, an ambulance.

More than anything ADT wants to help Australian seniors to continue living an independent lifestyle, in their own home.

The IndiPendant system really helps people to do that. In particular, it provides peace of mind for seniors as someone’s always on call to help; but it is also great comfort for their families, whether that is in the form of daily monitoring or just knowing that ADT’s response team are only the push of a button away.

Details at a glance:

  • Connection to a highly trained ADT response specialist 24 hours a day
  • Waterproof personal help button - available as a pendant or wristband
  • Non-voice or two-way voice intercom - doubles as a speakerphone with push-button answering
  • Long-range capability - works in any room in virtually any home

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