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ADT Security provide basic tips for home security

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Four in every ten Australians experience a break-in at some point in their lives1, with home theft costing the nation a staggering $2.2 billion each year2. Now that daylight savings is over and many people are returning home in the dark, ADT Security are urging residents to take additional caution.

To help residents prevent a break–in, ADT Security have developed a free online questionnaire designed to assess the security of individual homes.

“Theft remains the greatest threat to Australian homes. It is crucial that residents take whatever precautionary measures they can to keep their homes and families safe from harm. It could be as simple as getting some new locks,” said Mark Norton, ADT Security General Manager.

“With so many different options to choose from, many people find security issues confusing and there is evidence they often waste money on measures that aren’t relevant. Anyone can take our free online questionnaire and find out what security measures are suitable for their home.”

In addition to online feedback, ADT Security give residents six basic tips to help secure their home and keep burglars at bay.

Never leave the house without locking up
The most common time for burglary is between 8am and noon3, so people should get into the habit of locking all doors and windows whenever going out. They should be extra cautious on Friday, which is the common day for burglaries.

Beef up doors
Nearly 40% of theft happens at the front door4. So, if exterior doors are hollow-core, they should be replaced with solid wood, fibre glass or steel. People should use high quality locks.

Install an alarm system
Burglars are more likely to avoid a house with an alarm system. As well as ensuring round-the-clock protection, it also acts as an effective deterrent.

Install light sensors
Thieves will be less likely to rob if they think someone is there at home. Installing light sensors at the front and back of the house will give the illusion someone is always around.

Never leave the house in holiday mode
Homeowners should not plan any jet-setting without making plans for the home security. Asking a friend or neighbour to collect the mail, setting lights on a timer or keeping the radio on, all help create a sense of life about the home.

Keep neighbours in the know
One in five people do not warn their neighbours about thieves in the area after they have been burgled5. Establishing a neighbourhood watch for the street is an ideal way to ensure everyone’s safety.

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