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ADT Security launch customer service portal ADT Select

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To provide customers with the ability to access and monitor alarm activity and account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ADT Security have launched a web-based customer service portal called ADT Select. This real-time technology allows users to retrieve up-to-date account details accessed, whether remotely or on site, over a highly secure network ensuring the privacy of information.

The flexible system allows site access to be customised, from restricting access to a single user through to access at a national level. Individual passwords are chosen and can be modified at branch or department level at any time to maintain controlled access.

ADT Select shows all access activity, alarm activity, and instructions being followed, from every event, which has arisen. This extensive level of monitoring allows customers to use ADT Select’s reporting functions to help demonstrate compliance with Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) issues.

ADT Select provides more than 20 specialised documents for customised reporting solutions including information about the alarm history, schedules, callouts and zone lists.

ADT Select provides the ability for customers to effectively manage their sub-contractors. Using ADT Select, customers can access information as and when needed to assist the various office managers such as those in charge of security, EH&S, service, HR, risk and compliance, facilities or sales. For example, a security manager might use ADT Select to monitor the various sub-contractors on site at a given time, such as fire testers, cleaners or building maintenance workers, ensuring each individual logs in upon arrival and logs out when leaving.

For those sub-leasing their premises, the customer can use ADT Select to monitor the opening and closing times of the building each day and when and by whom it has been accessed. With rapid advances in technology, ADT Security are constantly working to introduce the latest technology, drawing from a wide range of products and services, to provide the best protection to support a smart office.

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