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ADT Security discuss benefits of using Internet Protocol for security purposes

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According to ADT Security , Australian businesses are increasingly investing in networks and applications that enable the transmission of video through Internet Protocol (IP) for security purposes.

IP provides the video surveillance industry with the ability to rapidly transmit high quality footage, allowing effective security decisions to be made remotely. Combining IP with traditional alarm monitoring systems, services such as ADT’s Visual Verification Service can instantly provide response centres with video images associated with an alarm so that operators can make a quick decision about the necessary action and respond accordingly.

A major advantage of IP is its ability to respond to electronic triggers from a wide range of sources from anywhere in the world. With the right protocols and permissions in place, the trigger can arrive through an IP network be it public, private, wired or wireless. The video can then be transmitted to a host of locations and different devices such as control rooms, patrol cars or a web browser.

IP video can also provide data for business analytics, such as emerging retail applications that enable the optimisation of store layouts based on analysis of store traffic around merchandise. Smart cameras today incorporate complex algorithms, processing video based on pre-determined rules. Cameras can be set with virtual trip-wires to provide real-time monitoring of an area and alert operators when a trip-wire is crossed. People counting, loitering and direction of movement can also be monitored and alerts raised if the camera detects a change in scene.

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