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Safety door and impact door systems from ADS Group

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ADS Group  is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of high speed doors and pneumatic tubes. ADS Group offers exclusive products which have high quality that adhere to the standards and are second to none. ADS Group’s ongoing research and day to day update on technology serves them to provide excellent product solutions.

ADS Group offers extensive range of high speed door specially designed for exterior and interior applications. ADS Group offers SSN high speed special doors which are the innovative product resulting from many years of experience and tested door systems from EFAFLEX. SSN high speed special doors fulfil the demands of any specific requirement. SSN high speed special door have more fluctuations in all temperatures even in -30 degree of cold temperature.

Another innovative range of doors systems from ADS Group is TLG Contactless door safety systems. TLG contactless door safety system has TLG door light barrier that was created by EFAFLEX and underwent German Testing Standards Institute.

Toltec impact doors from ADS Group are designed especially for industrial, retail and commercial applications. Impact doors provide smart and clean appearance ideal for any busy environment.

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