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High speed spiral doors from ADS Group

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ADS Group  designs, develops and delivers high speed doors and pneumatic tubes. ADS Group manufactures and provides an innovative solution that exceeds the expectation with satisfaction. ADS Group offers EFAFLEX safe high speed doors and clean room doors series. High speed spiral doors series are available in three designs which include Eco, Premium and Basic and provide user friendly service in accordance with the service requirements.

SST high speed spiral doors from ADS Group is an economical solution for buildings with busy exists. SST high speed spiral doors have contemporary design with incorporated two door systems in single building unit. SST high speed spiral door are also available as weather resistant high speed door and intruder-proof exterior door.

STT high speed turbo door from ADS Group is specially designed for both exterior doors and interior doors. STT high speed turbo door leaf consists of transparent single walled laths which is absolutely PVC-free. STT high speed turbo door is suitable for use in industries.

ADS Group offers extensive type of door solution which are designed and manufactured to meet all standards and specifications. ADS Group’s doors are easy to assemble and maintain. They are durable and stable which can withstand heavy usage in case of heavy traffic applications.

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