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Linear and multihead weighers from ADM Packaging Technology

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article image ADM-4A linear weigher

ADM Packaging Technology  offers a range of linear and multihead weighers under the ADM brand of products.

The quality and performance of these weighers are good and represents a good quality finish.

The ADM-4A linear weighers are constructed in stainless steel and the panels are press fit to a tight tolerance, allowing a one hundred percent accurate assembly. The durability of the design is to withstand all feeding applications and performances.

The welded joints and folds on the hopper and feed chutes prove the constant detail and the attention to a quality finish is good.

A load cell is used on each of the four weigh buckets to perform a continuation dump of each independent weigh bucket when it reaches its capacity. This process ensures an increase in speed for small to medium speed packaging applications.

The accuracy of each drop is within 1 gram and the weigher can pack, 100 grams a speed of up to 50 packs per minute with a maximum single of drop of up to 1000 grams.

Together with ADMs extensive experience in design and in-house manufacture, it can modify these units to fit and operate to suit special purpose application.

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