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ADM Packaging Technology has successfully manufactured bag forming tools for over ten years locally in Australia.

New ideas and new technologies for former designs keep us constantly up to date with this growing and diverse industry. Every customer inquiry we have is important, and our priority is to give the customer the best we can offer in service, product quality and a guarantee to perform with every bag former built.

No job too big or small is what we market and to our surprise when we think we've covered it all, we'll receive an inquiry that throws yet another challenge our way. Each day our experience with manufacturing formers grows stronger and we've had over ten years of customer satisfaction to prove this.

Its taken a decade of research and documentation to cement our position in the industry as a recognised supplier to small and large businesses both locally and internationally.

We make one recommendation, when in the market of buying formers, if the manufacturer is not recognised in the industry for specialising in bag formers ask lots of questions and request referrals to visit sites where formers are successfully in operation. We come across it all he time and have witnessed many successful business relations turn sour for making wrong decisions.

On paper the cost of a bag forming tool is negligible compared to the cost of lost production for weeks and especially if the product is due for a new advertised launch. We never substitute the quality of our materials for cheaper jobs and this is why we have kept many happy customers

At ADM our aim is to do things right once.

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