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ADM solves VFFS packaging problems

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article image ADM’s gas flushing system.

ADM Packaging Technology’s new semi circle former is designed to run large size resealable tabs (in this case 60mm wide) that are embossed to the flexible packaging film on 130mm flat bag formers.

The customer in question, packing pitted prunes, had constant problems with machine down time because the existing former with the round profile at the back caused the resealable tabs to peel off onto the back of the feed tube.

ADM looked at the application and came to the conclusion that a semi circle former would allow the resealable tabs to pass through and still leave a large enough opening for the prunes to drop through.

The semi circle former allowed the resealable tabs to come over the flat section of the former with ease.

Another customer in the confectionary industry received negative feed back that building the 60mm flat bag for a VFFS could not be accomplished successfully.

Looking at the application, the construction of the drive down system and the product to be packed did not allow enough room for product free flow and high speed packaging.

After some discussions with the customer, ADM decided the best approach was to use the welded dimple former with the universal back seal bolt on brackets. Here, ADM was able to dismantle the back seal brackets from the shoulder to assemble the former assembly then reattach the back seal brackets to the shoulder otherwise the 50mm wide flat section of the sealing bar would not fit.

Also by constructing a transition at the throat area of the feed tube this allowed free flow of the product. The job was completed successfully and the customer could continue to pack at high speeds.

The new Internal Wall Gas Flushing design implemented into ADM bag formers is suitable for fragile products such as salads and vegetables which need to be handled with care before and after packaging.

One of most critical points in packaging fragile products is during the free fall down the bag former into flexible bags using VFFS machines. By designing the gas flushing units as part of the feedtube and hidden into the wall, this stops breakage and does not effect or reduce the pipe size.

The result is a better supermarket shelf presentation and freshness. With this new design up to five individual gas flushing insert can be included on the one feedtube without affecting tube size.

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