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ADM Packaging Technology releases accumulation tables to its existing range

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ADM Packaging Technology has released new innovative accumulation tables, adding to its current large range. With several designs to choose from and more than half available within 1-10 workdays at off the shelf prices, it makes ADM Packaging Technology easily the number one supplier in Australia.

The new accumulation table is for the collection of bottles, jars and vials for the packaging, pharmaceutical and bottling industries. The design of this accumulation table machine includes a unique modular rail that can be easily adjusted to various heights to suit a range of applications.

The guide rail is made from UHMWPE and is supported with a stainless steel channel that is rolled to suit the table radius. The table top is made from a stainless steel sheet that is roll formed with a flange for rigidity and concentric to the centre driving shaft. This allows to quote rotation tolerance to within one millimetre. The stand is made from stainless steel and beneath the table are four support rollers, which cater for large loads and accidental knocks.

An upgraded version of the accumulation table is available, offering a full wash down service for use in wet and harsh environments, offering all the features in design that ADM has come accustomed to.

Other features on the accumulation tables include a variable speed inverter to alter speeds, as required to cater for delicate bottles, jars and other fragile products. Castor wheels with brakes are also made available for easy relocation, and the table height adjustment makes it easy and user friendly for the machine operator.

Safety on ADM machinery is a number one priority, as operators spend their time located at the rotary table, conducting operations such as packing and inspections. To keep it safe, ADM installs a safety slip device on all its units that will slow or stop the table from rotating at an instant a reverse force is applied, minimising any risk to the machine operator.

ADM has lots of interest in its products and what it can offer from large, medium and small businesses across Australia.

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