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New MeanWell DC-DC Buck converters announced

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MeanWell has followed up the launch of the LDD-H/HW and LDD-L/LW series with two new DC-DC Buck converters offering constant current output for LED driver applications.

The new MeanWell LDD-HS and LDD-LS series with SMD package are suitable for mounting by surface mounted-process (SMT) on the system PCB of the lighting fixture, saving installation labour costs.

Along with the LDD-H/L (pin style) and LDD-HW/LW (wire style) series, MeanWell can currently offer the DC-DC LED drivers in three different package types from 300mA to 1000mA output current to satisfy the demand of various driving current and installation designs. 

While the LDD-HS features 9~56VDC input and 2~52VDC output range, the LDD-LS offers 9~32VDC input and 2~28VDC output. Both series provide multiple output current options of 300mA/ 350mA/ 500mA/ 600mA/ 700mA/ 1000mA (1000mA for LDD-HS only), offering wide choice for LED system designers.

The new MeanWell LED drivers are suitable for street lighting, landscape lighting, tunnel lighting, household lighting and all kinds of LED lighting systems.

Key features of LDD-HS/LS series DC-DC Buck converters:

  • Non-isolated Buck topology design and high quality components
  • Up to 96% high efficiency
  • Operates between -40°C and +85°C  ambient temperature by only free air convection (up to 71°C for 600mA~1000mA models)
  • Built-in EMI filter ensures compliance with EMI requirements per EN55015 lighting regulation without connecting any external EMI restraint components
  • Built-in PWM dimming function
  • Remote ON/OFF control
  • Short circuit and over temperature protection
  • Wide range of input/output voltage
  • Optional conformal coating models have anti-dust and anti-moisture characteristics
  • UL94-V0 level plastic case
  • Approval: FCC/CE
MeanWell products are available from Power Supplies Australia .

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