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ADM releases new Lutron light meters

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article image Lutron LX-107HA light meter

ADM Instrument Engineering presents the new Lutron LX-107HA, a cost-effective range of light meters specifically designed to meet the C.I.E colour model standard.

The LX-107HA will accurately measure light from a tungsten, fluorescent, sodium or mercury light source. By meeting the C.I.E colour model standard, the light meter is able to accurately detect light in every single colour perceived by the human eye.

A separate light sensor probe supplied with the LX-107HA light meter allows light to be measured from an optimum position.

Light readings are available in Lux, or Foot-candle units in three pre-set ranges: 0-1999 Lux, 1800-19,990 Lux or 18,000-100,000 Lux; or 0-186 Fc, 167-1860 Fc or 1670-10,000 Fc respectively. Accuracy is typically 5% and the sampling time is approximately 0.4 seconds.

Key features of LX-107HA light meters include minimum, maximum and average readings allowed; useful recall feature; simple zero adjustment by the press of a button; selectable auto-off feature powering the unit down during periods of non-use to maintain battery life; supplied complete with instructions and a light sensor probe; and hard or soft carrying case available optionally.

The LX-107HA light meter is available for immediate despatch from ADM’s warehouse. 

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