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ADM releases Mean Well product revision notice

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article image Mean Well will switch to the SGCC case (left) from the current SPCC nickel plated case (right)

ADM Instrument Engineering announces a Mean Well product revision notice that affects enclosed type power supplies.

Mean Well has recently advised that there will be a revision made to the design of many of their enclosed power supplies to minimise environmental impact. The revision involves changing the design of the case in this product line.

Committed to green manufacturing processes, Mean Well is continually reviewing its manufacturing and material supply chain processes to minimise any impact to the environment.

Some of the cases in Mean Well’s enclosed type power supply product line are made of nickel-plated SPCC (steel punched and plated with nickel). Mean Well will therefore switch from the current nickel plating process to SGCC (Hot-dip Galvanised Steel), a readily available product that also reduces environmental pollution because it requires no additional plating process.

A salt-mist test conducted by Mean Well reveals that the corrosion resistance of the new SGCC case is better than that of the old nickel-plated SPCC case. The material revision only leads to a slight change of appearance, with no impact on any of the electrical specifications.

The revision affects all production batches after 01.11.2014.

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