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Accurate levelling with precision adjuster

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WHENEVER precise adjustment is essential (or distances have to be bridged) the Wasi-Technics HVE precision levelling adjusters can be used.

The HVE has a fine threaded mounting top mating with a fine threaded base, giving the appearance of a space age "bottle jack". Precise adjustment is provided by means of "C" spanners to screw the top in or out providing the desired adjustment.

The HVE design provides for lock down of the adjuster through mounting, or anchor, bolts passing through the central hole.

Re-adjustment is accomplished by relaxing the lock down bolt, adjusting the HVE, then re-tightening the lock down bolt. This provides, for example, a quick and easy method of tightening conveyor and drive belts with accuracy.

In dynamic load applications where vibration may be a problem, the HVSK series is recommended. This is similar to the HVE series with the addition of a lock nut.

Non-parallel surfaces are catered for with the KAE ball head adjuster and the KAS ball shim which can accommodate up to four( angle of inclination. The KAE and KAS ball and cup elements are retained making handling secure and simple.

In cases where, in addition to vertical adjustment, a slight horizontal adjustment is required, the xy-HVE can provide accurate two axial adjustment.

The base has been developed to accept HVE adjuster (from size 30-17.5 and upwards) to provide both vertical and horizontal adjustment. It is possible therefore to have two axes adjustment of non-parallel surfaces.

The HVE can accommodate, or replace bolts from M4 to M48 and additional loads up to 526kN per adjuster. They are available in three material options; 42CrMo4 V alloy steel with a zinc chromate surface treatment; AISI 301 stainless steel; and AISI 316 stainless steel.

The HVE provides the user with a universal reusable adjuster that can replace complicated and expensive special arrangements or in the most simple of situations the time consuming use of shims.

They are used as a machine mount, electric motor mount, drive belt and conveyor belt tensioner adjuster, roof suspension adjuster, wind turbine mast leveller among many other and varied applications.

The uses of these adjusters are not limited to specific industries or applications and are used in many situations outside the original intent of their designers. Imtec 03 9587 9033.

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