World's first auto-darkening welding goggle PPE system released
26.11.2013 - ADDLER presents the ArcShield-513, the world’s first auto-darkening welding goggle PPE system from Servore.
Ergonomic grinding instead of just roughing. ADDLER releases new PFERD grinding wheel
01.07.2013 - As sturdy and safe as a reinforced grinding wheel but 100 % increased aggressiveness
3M 7500 Series reusable half face respirators from ADDLER
14.05.2013 - Available from ADDLER, the 3M 7500 Series reusable respirators set a new standard in comfort, cleaning and durability.
GMA SpeedBlast Garnet blast cleaning abrasive from ADDLER
29.04.2013 - The GMA SpeedBlast Garnet available from ADDLER is a high performance general purpose blasting abrasive.
MAG 28 LTX 32 cordless magnetic core drills from ADDLER
24.04.2013 - ADDLER presents a range of cordless magnetic core drills designed to deliver high safety at the workplace.
Husqvarna K 1260 rail cutters from ADDLER
22.04.2013 - The Husqvarna K 1260 Rail available from ADDLER is one of the most powerful rail cutters in the market.
RAiLBAND rail cutting bandsaw machines from ADDLER
20.04.2013 - ADDLER presents one of the safest methods for cutting rail with the RAiLBAND bandsaw machines.
Buy 10 get 2 free offer on RONTGEN bandsaw blades
13.03.2013 - ADDLER announces a special offer on RONTGEN bandsaw blades.
Grindtech StripClean abrasive discs from ADDLER
28.01.2013 - Grindtech StripClean discs, available from ADDLER are heavy duty abrasive discs used for stripping coatings off metal, plastic, timber and fibreglass
3M Versaflo M-Series headtops from ADDLER
16.01.2013 - ADDLER is an authorised distributor of the 3M Versaflo system designed to offer premium respiratory, eye, face and head protection.
3M abrasives, safety, tapes and adhesives available from ADDLER
13.01.2013 - As a leading manufacturer of abrasives, 3M regularly releases innovative new brasives, safety, tapes and adhesives.
Emergency response lighting from All Purpose Abrasives
10.01.2013 - Industrial strength construction, ultra bright lighting that is compact in design.
3 Ah battery powered core drills from All Purpose Abrasives
06.12.2012 - All Purpose Abrasives presents a range of battery powered magnetic core drills designed for cordless operation.
Blitz safety glasses from All Purpose Abrasives
16.11.2012 - Blitz safety glasses available from All Purpose Abrasives combine comfort with protection to safeguard the user in harsh industrial environments.
ADDLER introduces Metabo WEPBA angle grinders
30.10.2012 - ADDLER introduces the Metabo WEPBA angle grinders featuring a long-lasting motor and high overload capacity.
ADDLER offers 3M noise detectors
28.10.2012 - ADDLER presents an easy-to-use and durable range of noise detectors from 3M.
ADDLER launches 3M Scotch-Weld instant adhesives
25.10.2012 - ADDLER introduces a new range of instant adhesives from 3M for industrial use.
Lifting magnets for heavy duty applications from ADDLER
25.09.2012 - ADDLER has released its new heavy duty lifting magnets for use in the sheet and heavy metal, roll forming, mining and construction industries.
ADDLER offers a comprehensive range of Cigweld MIG welding wires
25.09.2012 - ADDLER supplies a wide range of solid and flux cored welding wires to suit diverse welding applications.
Thomas coldsaws from ADDLER
11.09.2012 - Thomas coldsaws from ADDLER are premium quality Italian made machines proven for consistency and quality.
ADDLER releases portable soda blasters
22.08.2012 - The brand new range of portable soda blasters from ADDLER is designed for mild or aggressive blasting applications.
Flexovit cutting discs from ADDLER
21.08.2012 - The Flexovit range supplied by ADDLER is a broad and versatile selection of cutting discs designed for a huge cross-section of the industrial market.
ADDLER now distributes GRINDTECH zirconia flap discs
06.08.2012 - ADDhas announced that it now distributes GRINDTECH flap discs, high performance flap discs manufactured from premium quality German abrasive flap material.
ALFRA 50 RL-E magnetic base drills from ADDLER
25.07.2012 - ADDLER presents the ALFRA 50 RL-E magnetic base drills featuring solid brass guides and 12-50mm core drill capacity.
Cubitron II Roloc abrasive discs available from ADDLER
19.07.2012 - ADDLER supplies the Cubitron II Roloc abrasive discs designed for grinding, blending, finishing and deburring applications on virtually all metal types.
3M Green Corps grinding discs available from ADDLER
17.07.2012 - ADDLER offers the Green Corps grinding discs from 3M.
All Purpose Abrasive's safe and effcient heavy duty Lifting Magnets
03.07.2012 - Heavy duty Lifting Magnets available from All Purpose Abrasives are tried and proven in the heavy metal industry.
Rontgen M42 Bimetal with Cobalt Bandsaw Blades from All Purpose Abrasives
27.06.2012 - All Purpose Abrasives presents the German-made Rontgen bi-metal bandsaw blades with cobalt content for long-lasting performance.
Mesh sanding discs from All Purpose Abrasives
22.06.2012 - All Purpose Abrasives presents a versatile range of Velcro-backed abrasive mesh sanding discs designed to sand diverse surfaces.
ACE safety glasses for safety, value and comfort from ADDLER
14.06.2012 - ADDLER now stocks the new range of ACE safety glasses, which have been designed to provide safety and comfort while being cost effective.
ADDLER'S Cubitron Fibre discs - the complete metal working solution
13.06.2012 - Cubitron Fibre discs from ADDLER are the complete metal working solution.
Bullet Proof WQ 1000 Metabo Angle Grinder from ADDLER
12.06.2012 - Bullet Proof WQ 1000 Metabo Angle Grinder from ADDLER
ADDLER distribute 3M Cubitron abrasive belts for use with linishers
05.06.2012 - The new 3M Cubitron II abrasive belts for linishers are now available from ADDLER
German made tungsten carbide burrs from ADDLER
30.05.2012 - ADDLER presents a premium quality range of carbide burrs made in Germany.
New Kemppi Beta 90X welding helmets from ADDLER
23.05.2012 - ADDLER supplies a comprehensive range of Kemppi welding products.
Cutmaster 40mm plasma cutting inverters from ADDLER
13.05.2012 - The Cutmaster 40mm plasma cutting inverters available from ADDLER are the largest air cooled manual systems in the Cutmaster range.
Polifan curve flap discs from ADDLER
06.05.2012 - ADDLER have devised polifan curve flap discs for fillet weld grinding, deburring and chamfering applications
Air and water hose reels by ADDLER engineered for increased durability and reliability
29.04.2012 - Durable and reliable water and air hose reels sets a new standard in hose reel performance
Industrial castors and wheels from ADDLER
18.04.2012 - ADDLER offers a massive range of premium quality heavy duty industrial castors and wheels.
Cleanmarker weld cleaning machines from ADDLER
31.07.2011 - ADDLER supplies the Cleanmarker range of etching and stainless steel weld cleaning machines.
Cable safety systems from ADDLER
28.07.2011 - ADDLER supplies the Cable Mate range of cable safety systems designed to prevent trip hazards at the workplace.
All Purpose Abrasives offers abrasives and industrial supplies
28.07.2011 - All Purpose Abrasives is a leading supplier of abrasives, grinding consumables, diamond products and a range of grinding and abrasive equipment across Australia.
Tungsten carbide tool applicator
10.10.2001 - TUNG-CARB (tungsten carbide applicator), the latest development in carbide tool technology, deposits a coating of titanium carbide or tungsten carbide, thereby greatly extending tool life and increasing cutting speeds.
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