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UTP cable enabling 10Gb/s Ethernet over 100m

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KRONE has demonstrated an augmented category six cable with the necessary characteristics to enable 10Gb/s Ethernet to be implemented over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) to the full 100m required for structured cabling systems.

The test results on KRONE's new cable were independently confirmed by one of the leading Ethernet electronics vendors involved in the development of 10Gb/s technology and the 10GBASE-T Ethernet standard.

Most industry experts had concluded that it would be difficult to overcome the technical combination of insertion loss and alien crosstalk, or interference from adjacent cables, with UTP cable.

The new augmented category six UTP copper cable was designed and developed at KRONE's U.S. copper cable-manufacturing facility in Sidney, Nebraska.

The cable demonstrated Shannon Capacity of 21Gb/s due to the improved alien crosstalk immunity and the reduced insertion loss, suitable for the 10Gb/s Ethernet implementations being considered by the IEEE standard working group.

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