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New standards in communications cabling

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article image Highband module cable manager.

KRONE Australia has developed a high-density, 25 pair, cross-connect solution that sets new standards in network performance and functionality.

In 1995 Krone's Highband range of cross-connect products made a resounding impact on the international structured cabling market. Designed and developed in Australia by a team of leading engineers, the Highband 8 and 10 pair modules are exported to markets around the world.

The Highband module is the basis for Krone's "patch-by-exception" (PBE) methodology. PBE is where hard wiring is used to connect circuits. This hard wiring can then be over-ridden by a patch cord, making patching the exception rather than the rule.

The Highband 25 was developed as a result of the increasing need for high-density cross-connect cabling to support emerging applications such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and broadband.

The Category 6 compliant Highband 25 solution is an integral part of Krone's PremisNET Global Leader solution. Combined with the recently released KM8 jack and Category 6 TrueNet cable, Highband 25 provides network flexibility and true Category 6 performance.

The Highband 25 solution features:

* TrueNet technology

* Zero bit error performance

* Category six component compliance

* Superior cable management

* Patch, hard-wire or PBE

* Innovative patch cord design

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