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Enhanced fibre optic cable facility

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NSW State Premier Bob Carr last week unveiled Krone Australia's new manufacturing line for enhanced fibre optic cable at its Berkeley Vale facility on the NSW Central Coast.

Krone's enhanced fibre is the only product of its type on the market and features a unique fibreglass central strength member. The central strength member provides greater lateral support and integrity, during and after installation.

Planetary stranded elements are another unique property of Krone's enhanced fibre cable. This feature allows the natural winding of fibres around the central strength member, the result being fibre cable that can withstand installation forces up to 1kN - twice that of standard riser cable. The planetary server used during this process is one of only two in existence, Krone says.

While most fibre cable on the market uses aramid yarn (a mix of DuPont Kevlar and other materials) Krone's fibre uses 100 per cent DuPont Kevlar reinforcement, ensuring the best support and protection of the fibre bundles.

Krone fibre uses the superior polyester material hytrel for tight buffering. Hytrel is easily stripped, can handle high temperature extremes and is more chemical resistant than the commonly used Nylon. As a result installation is faster and easier than with other fibre cables.

Managing director Craig Jones said despite a global slowdown in the market for fibre optics, Krone had experienced continued growth in fibre sales over the past few years.

“We feel this investment to extend our fibre manufacturing capabilities will ensure we continue to offer our customers the highest performing fibre-optic solutions available on the market."

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