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Lathes, press brakes and pan brakes from ACY Machinery

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ACY Machinery  is an Australian company that has been in the machine tools supply industry for nearly half a century. Lathes, press brakes and pan brakes are some of the tools offered by ACY Machinery.

The Pacific universal gap bed lathe supplied by ACY Machinery has a three jaw chuck and adapter with a hundred millilitre capacity oil gun and drive plates and face plates. The machine is characterised by its convenient operation, high precision and wide speed range. The gap bed models and big bore models are idea to machine bar, parts of special shape and tubes with big diameter.

The hydraulic press brake systems from ACY Machinery have a capacity of 870 bends and also a six step fully integrated screen display. External memory storage can also be done on an integrated circuit card. It is equipped with microprocessor technology for optimum precision and CNC control for improved performance.

Overload devices are fitted to both electric and hydraulic circuits to offer positive protection against damage. Pan brakes from ACY Machinery are available as manual, hydraulic and hydraulic power configurations. ACY Machinery also offers the exclusive Pacific Hydraulic pan brake with angle programmable controller that has both automatic and manual control options and a safety trap bar on apron.

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