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Consolidated Machinery products and guillotines offered by ACY Machinery

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ACY Machinery  supplies new and used machine tools and sheet metal equipment in New South Wales, Australia. The company has an extensive display of machinery in its large store in Sydney and has a variety of new and used equipment. Guillotines, lathes, press brakes and pan brakes are available from ACY Machinery.

Guillotines of eight feet, ten feet and four feet configurations are available at ACY Machinery. Power operated automatic back gauge with digital readers and manual final settings are offered by ACY Machinery. Special panic stop buttons are also installed for safety purposes and shadow line lighting is used. ACY Machinery also includes special features like individual hydraulic hold downs, front squaring arms with built in rule and silent hydraulics in its guillotine machines.

All guillotine machines are powered by motors with 910 rotations per minute and have a standard work table height of eight hundred millimetres. ACY Machinery also offers hydraulic heavy duty guillotines that come with four way blades and four support arms. Rear guard with micro switch interlocks and short stroking are also present.

Treadle guillotines are also available from ACY Machinery with weights of upto 1100 kilograms and are available in mild steel configurations. Guillotine models in stainless steel are also offered by ACY Machinery.

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