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AT the heart of the Cougar3400 series from Acqiris is the DC440 dual-channel digitiser card designed to perform measurements of utmost precision on signals up to 300MHz in frequency.

The Cougar 3400-2 includes one DC440 for dual-channel recording, while the Cougar 3400-4 has two DC440s for quadchannel applications.

If required, systems with more channels (up to 14) can also be configured by using a larger CompactPCI crate.

Each channel of the DC440 features a 12-bit digitiser that samples signals at rates up to 400MS/s and stores the data in up to 4 Mpoints of acquisition memory.

Other banner specifications include a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 65dB and a spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) of 80dB.

Combined with a very low noise floor spectrum (-90dB), the systems are ideal for applications where high dynamic range and low measurement error are essential.

Acqiris' popular Cougar series has been expanded to include two new models (the Cougar 3400-2 and Cougar 3400-4) that use the company's latest 12-bit 400MS/s digitiser technology.

Cougar data acquisition packages include a modular crate, a fast (100MB) interface to the PC, one or more 12-bit digitiser cards and powerful software drivers. They connect directly to any PCI slot of a Pentium-based PC.

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