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Multi-channel data acquisition system

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article image Essential oscilloscope capabilities.

ACQIRIS now offers a compact, turnkey, multi-channel data acquisition system that delivers essential oscilloscope capabilities in a small, modular package, and eliminates the need for extensive software development.

The new MAQbox3000, 5000, and 8000 systems can accommodate multiple digitisers, including 8-, 10- and 12-bit units, and feature a scope-like graphical user interface (GUI).

With up to 28 high-speed acquisition channels in a portable system, MAQbox is ideal for measuring and analysing many different analog signals in high energy physics, hydrodynamics, astrophysics and ultrasound applications.

The modularity of the system enables users to select only the hardware components needed for a specific application, and expand to a larger system as needs grow. This helps reduce instrument obsolescence and increases return on investment.

The client-server topology of the MAQbox software provides easy, remote control of the system from a laptop via a simple crossover cable or a LAN connection.

Signals can be acquired in the field, stored on a laptop or the MAQbox hard drive, and accessed in the office for further analysis. The software also enables the monitoring and control of multiple data acquisition systems at different locations simultaneously.

Linked to a screen or networked PC, the MAQbox software provides multi-waveform display so that vital information is clearly seen on a single screen, making data more accessible.

Recently acquired waveforms as well as saved data can be dragged, dropped into a waveform display window, and analysed or compared with other waveforms.

In addition, users are given a complete overview of the system with three main display windows; all information concerning the system is available at a glance.

Dual cursors allow simple and accurate measurement of signal amplitude and timing. Up to 20 different parameter measurements are easily accessible via a drop down menu, and individual waveform display windows can be divided into separate plot areas.

This can include the display of calculated traces such as persistence traces, XY displays, frequency spectrums, and sequential acquisition.

The MAQbox software also includes an Autostore mode that allows streaming of a series of acquisitions to disk for storage in the HDF5 advanced hierarchical data format supported by analysis packages such as MATLAB and IDL.

The MAQbox GUI features a Vertical Auto Set-up that automatically adjusts the gain and offset of the digitiser when the signals being acquired are unknown, ideal for acquiring repetitive signals.

An Instruments Settings table simplifies hardware set-up for monitoring well-defined signals.

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