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Intelligent carriers expand range of digitisers

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article image The full range of Acqiris PXI and CompactPCI modules can be directly inserted into a VXI system.

ACQIRIS has released two intelligent VXI carriers that provide a transparent interface between the company's PXI/CompactPCI digitisers and VXIbus via an onboard PowerPC processor with firmware.

The single-width, C-size IX200 and IX202 intelligent VXI carriers allow the full range of Acqiris PXI and CompactPCI modules to be directly inserted into a VXI system. This is an accepted platform in automated test equipment (ATE) and defense/aerospace functional test applications.

Users can replace discontinued VXI waveform analyser and oscilloscope modules in existing ATE systems by interfacing PXI/CompactPCI components to VXI. This provides users with an increased return on investment as well as an improved life cycle for high-speed acquisition and mixed signal test application systems.

The IX200 accepts one 6U PXI/CompactPCI module. It can be used with any of Acqiris' three V-Class, high-speed digitisers, the DC271A, DC241A and DC211A. They offer switchable 50Ω/1MΩ input impedance.

The DC271A has four channels, each of which can synchronously acquire signals at rates of up to 1GS/s. The DC241A has two channels, each with up to 2GS/s sampling. The single-channel DC211A provides 4GS/s sampling. Using channel interleaving, both the DC271A and DC241A achieve the same 4GS/s single-channel performance offered by the DC211A. The modules have a 1GHz bandwidth at 50Ω, and 300MHz at 1MΩ input impedance.

The DC271A, DC241A, and DC211A include 128 kpoints, 256 kpoints, and 512 kpoints of acquisition memory respectively, and are optionally upgradeable to up to 8 Mpoints, 16 Mpoints, and 32 Mpoints.

The IX202 has two adaptor slots that accept 3U PXI/CompactPCI modules. The lower slot is dedicated to an Acqiris product such as the DC140 dual-channel, 1GHz PXI digitiser, acquiring data at up to 2GS/s.

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