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High-res digitiser offers speed and accuracy

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MEASUREMENTS of utmost precision performed on signals up to 300MHz are now a reality thanks to the 12-bit DC440, the first high-resolution digitiser from Acqiris designed to sample signals at rates up to 400MS/s.

Banner specifications include a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 65dB and a spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) of 80dB.

The combined system makes the DC440 an exceptional instrument with a level of performance that is ideal for demanding applications such as I/Q modulation for radar and wireless communications.

The new digitiser features two full channels each with state-of-the-art 12-bit ADCs to sample signals with precision at rates up to 400MS/s and store data up to 4 Mpoints of waveform memory.

The DC440 model is part of Acqiris' V-Class family of digitisers and as such comes with a host of features.

These include a fully buffered input (with 100MHz bandwidth, gain from 250mV to 10V full scale and offset up to ±10V) and a direct high-frequency input (HF In) for receiving signal frequencies up to 300MHz.

"HF In" is ideal for use in communications and radar applications where "undersampling" techniques are employed to extract signal quality information.

The DC440 also features a unique time base with outstanding precision (better than ±2ppm) and flexibility.

A high-resolution sampling rate (HRes SR) capability allows clocking of the digitisers with extraordinarily fine settings (down to 0.25% of the selected sampling rate, 500kS/s in the 200-400MS/s range).

Additional specifications include total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than -75dB, very low noise floor spectrum at -90dB and effective bits (ENOB) of more than 10.

Other Acqiris features include the auto synchro bus (ASBus), control I/O (Ctrl I/O) and TV trigger.

ASBus is an asynchronous clock and trigger distribution system that allows multiple digitisers to be connected together for multi-channel precision applications.

Ctrl I/O provides a number of high-speed frontpanel analogue (for clock and trigger control) and digital (for card configuration and status) interfaces.

TV trigger allows to handle wideband video signals for applications such as fast CCD camera readout.

The DC440 model is packaged in the 6U CompactPCI format and can be used in any of Acqiris' standard CC series crates.

For example, when used with CC108's 8-slot crate and an interface, it is possible to install up to seven DC440s and build systems with up to 14 channels.

By using ASBus, each channel can also be fully synchronised and acquisitions started with a single trigger (automatically distributed to all modules).

Data collected by the digitisers can be transferred to a host PC (or an embedded processor) at speeds of up to 100MB/s.

Acqiris also provides drivers and software so that the model DC440 can be used with PC systems running under Windows, Linux or VxWorks.

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