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12-bit PCI digitiser family

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ACQIRIS has introduced a new family of PCI 12-bit ADC digitiser cards that provide unique levels of measurement fidelity and time base control for PC-based data acquisition.

The cards also feature an extremely high level of throughput that allows users to reduce automated testing times by a factor of 10 to 100 compared to conventional test instrumentation such as oscilloscopes, transient recorders, data loggers or VXI-based test systems.

The new PCI 12-bit family consists of a highend Model DP310 and two entry-range models, all delivering high performance with signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) up to 64dB, spurious-free-dynamic-range (SFDR) better than 78dB, and a time base with precision better than ±2ppm.

Designed for use on signals with frequency up to 300MHz, the Model DP310 is ideal for wideband frequency related measurements in radar I/Q demodulation and wireless communication.

Acqiris' new Models DP308 and DP306 provide cost-effective high performance for automotive, ultrasound, lidar and imaging applications.

The DP310 provides a direct high-frequency input (HF In) with 300MHz bandwidth for undersampling measurement, as well as a fully buffered input with 100MHz bandwidth.

To accurately digitise high-frequency signals, the DP310 has a sampling rate of up to 400MS/s and 64 kpoints of on-board memory (4 Mpoints optional).

These specifications make the DP310 suitable for broadband signal investigation with wide dynamic range.

A unique high-resolution sampling rate (HRes SR) capability allows clocking of the digitisers with extremely fine settings of better than 0.25% of the selected sampling rate and 500kS/s in the 200 to 400MS/s range.

Additional specifications include total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than -73dB; a very low noise floor spectrum at -90dB; and effective bits (ENOB) of more than 10.

The DP308 samples at up to 200MS/s with 100MHz bandwidth, while the DP306 samples up to 100MS/s with 50MHz of bandwidth.

Both cards have 32 kpoints of onboard memory (up to 2 Mpoints optional).

These models are targeted for applications in the automotive, ultrasound and lidar domains.

Additionally, the units' TV trigger capability (NTSC or PAL/SECAM) makes them suitable for use in video signal applications such as those based on fast CCD cameras for imaging readout.

All of the new Acqiris DP series products are PCI-compliant, allowing them to be plugged directly into a standard PCI slot in a PC.

The fast ADCs and DMA data transfer allow digitised information to be sent directly to the PC's memory at an extremely fast rate of ³100MB/s.

This feature makes it possible to digitise, transfer, and store tens of thousands of signals per second in the PC.

The DP series also includes Control I/O (Ctrl I/O) that provides several high-speed front-panel analogue (for clock and trigger control) and digital (for card configuration and status) interfaces.

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