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Drainage products from ACO Polycrete

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ACO Polycrete  specialises in manufacturing products for use in construction and building industries, such as drainage systems and sumps. ACO Polycrete manufactures products of cast iron, polymer, concrete and plastics. All the companies of the ACO Group are certified as operating under ISO 9001 and their products are thus of high quality and adhere to high standards.
ACO Polycrete, a division of the ACO group, is involved in building drainage systems, storm water outlets, ducting systems and electrical pits. ACO Polycrete drainage products are stated to be the leading products in the market in this category. The trench drain systems from ACO Polycrete are used in various industrial and commercial applications. These drains are made of corrosion resistant polymer concrete and are available in a wide range of widths, up to 300mm.
Standard products from ACO Polycrete include the Klassik Drain which is a trench drain used for external and internal purposes. These drains are interconnected and have an aesthetic, steel wearing edge. There are different kinds of grates and styles used. Power drain is another standard product from ACO Polycrete which is used for heavy duty systems and is available in internal widths of size 100mm, 200mm and 300mm. Monolithic systems from ACO Polycrete are strong drainage systems made out of durable polymer concrete. These are used for heavy duty applications and roads.
ACO Polycrete also offers some innovative products. A ‘slab drain’ is used for slab areas that are shallow and where there is a restriction on pavement depth. Apart from this, ACO Polycrete also supplies universal grated pits and sumps.

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