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Australian Packaging Awards winners 2004

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NEW criteria for the Consumer Acceptability category in the 2004 Australian Packaging Awards requiring particular attention to tamper-evidence and senior-friendly opening, saw entries in that category decline markedly.

However, overall, judges said the high standards of all entries boded well for the future of the Australian packaging industry with their innovation, environmental regard and practicality.

“Entries for the Consumer Acceptability Award were down considerably on previous years, said chief judge Bill Seppelt. “This is the first year the criteria for this category was altered to accommodate tamper evidence and also ease of opening.

“It is hoped that the packaging industry will take a closer look at this important aspect of packaging given the serious incidents of tampering in recent times and the product recall costs associated with them,” he said.

With so many fine entries, the selection of the Best in Show (see sidebar) had been difficult, but in the end the judges had been unanimous, Seppelt said.

The Gold Medal winners in each of the categories were.

ACI Glass Achievement Award: The Gold was won by Unilever for Continental Sizzle & Stir, with package design graphics by Brave Communications.

Judges said: “Two bottles sit one atop the other, snugly united by a shrink wrap to create an hourglass-shape that is distinctive and very new. One jar holds the spices, and one the sauce.

“A terrific example of functional packaging where the two components remain separate for a better cooking result. This multi-component virtual meal-kit is a quantum leap aesthetically from its traditional cardboard boxed competitors.”

Amcor "Packaging The Brand" Award: The Gold medal was won by Yates Waterwise and Yates Dynamic Lifter submitted by LKS Landor. Components of the pack were manufactured by Brand Spec and AEP Flexipac. Functional and graphic design was by LKS Landor with Nicholas Dearn responsible for the graphics.

Judges said: “Yates has abandoned the standard ’white bag’ approach to other gardening products in this category and set a new benchmark in visual language.

“Rich, earthy, vibrant colours combine with high quality photographic images to tell the individual product stories of a diverse assortment of goods, and give the range a shelf appeal that is thoroughly new.

“Hardworking and resistant to the high wear and tear at both point of sale and in-home use, the printed finish is designed to withstand robust conditions and is scuff resistant, moisture-proof and sturdy.”

AMR Family Of Packages Award: The Gold medal winning Weight Watchers Foods packs entry was submitted by graphic designers Dow Design.

Judges said: “Across a challenging variety of pack shapes, materials and sizes, the Weight Watchers brand is deftly expressed and unmistakable, a common brand image carried across the packs, a real winner.

“Fresh blue and white graphics and simple, typographics connect box, sachet, tub and tray across 24 separate product categories, while sacrificing none of its brand leadership presence. This is a hardworking design, communicating a lot of information about the product, its content and calorie value.”

Avery Dennison Superior Label Award : The Gold medal went to the labels on a range of McGuigan Wines called Earths Portrait manufactured by Clear Image Labels, Saver Glass and Maddocks Packaging. Functional deisng was by Barbara Harkness and graphics by Kent Walker of Harkness Walker design.

Judges said: “With exacting attention to every possible level of process, this result displays a rare technical superiority. Concept, colour, graphics, shape, texture and embellishment are all combined with great care to produce a visually exciting result that is also expertly rendered.

“The figurative images created for these distinctive labels are constructed from sand, leaves, dirt, twigs and other remnants of the natural environment. These elements are deftly sculpted into animal forms, and photographed to provide the focus of a new and very different label for Earths Portrait Wine. “The result is further lifted by embossing and varnishing techniques to give each image a tactile quality. Matt and gloss varnishes add highlights and depth to details.”

Carter Holt Harvey Packaging Aesthetic Style Award: The Gold award went to Kusco Murphy Body Box toiletries packaging, designed and manufactured by Megara Australia with graphic design by Kusco Murphy.

Judges said: Kusco Murphy is feminine, curvaceous, different, difficult to achieve. This pack displays visual cues that appeal directly to its target market, subtlety, attractiveness, and individuality.

“The individual products had not before been presented as a suite of three products, and the intention here was to create a device that would allow a differentiation through on-shelf display. Polypropylene die-cut packs fit together to give a unique on-shelf presentation.

“They are tactile and intriguing, and demand to be picked up and examined. They protect their contents by the inner construction that ensures a buffer zone of space around the bottle inside.

Colorpak Packaging Export Award: The Gold medal was won by the 300g pack of Hakubaku Stork Udon Noodles, a pack that was functionally designed by ABM Plastics with graphic design by Yakuryo Kaihatsu. Components of the pack were manufactured by SICPA Australia, Henkel Australia and Primaplas P/L.

Judges said: “Subtle colouring and traditional Japanese graphic styling makes a perfectly presented and highly credible player in the target market of Japan. Classical brush script calligraphy, a muted colour scheme, the delicate textures of floral fabric-like patterns, and traditional Japanese block stamps all combine in a complex textural overlay to yield a distinctive yet understated effect.

“The product is visible through the frosted pack material, giving the effect of a surface texture to the finished result as well as providing product information.”

Consumer Acceptability Award is sponsored by the Packaging Council of Australia and Gold went to Dairy Farmers’ Mini Moove Shrek 2 Ultra Heat Treated Flavoured Milk. Package components were manufactured by Dairy Farmers, Alto Plastics, Vaassen and Le Mac Australia, with graphic design by Energi design.

Judges said: “Innovations like this keep the kids market alive. A first in its format, this robust little bottle has a lot of features. A protective outer cap keeps the drinking nozzle clean and prevents accidental activation of the spout.

“This unusually styled, colour coordinated drinking spout is activated by pressing downward, and thus piercing the foil seal. It can be frozen for use in school lunch boxes.

“An all-over shrink sleeve is emblazoned with popular bright graphics, and designed for easy removal with its ‘rip & recycle’ feature.”

Cryovac Technical Innovation Award : The Gold medal went to Green's Easy Squeezey Peanut Butter Tube manufactured for Greens General Foods by Finewrap Australia and Impact International, with graphic design by Morton Branding Consultants.

Judges said: “A genuine breakthrough in the Australian market, this squeeze-tube peanut butter is the most radical pack change in the category for years, and has the potential to move the whole sector forward.

“A unique elongated squeeze opening allows easy flow of the contents, extruding peanut butter in a flat ‘ribbon’ shape, eliminating the need for further spreading by knife. Contents are protected underneath the flip-top cap by an inner tamper-evident foil seal.

“Different flavours are expressed clearly through surface graphics, while a family unity is retained by the use of the corporate colour and bold design. The flexographic reverse print is trapped to ensure ink will not scuff, nor flake off during food preparation.”

Ecorecycle Victoria Sustainable Packaging Award: The Gold medal was won by Chep Asia Pacific Automotive Services’ HFV6 Engine component Modules, manufactured by Plexicor Australia and Nylex Corporation , with functional design by Chep and Plexicor.

Judges said: “This inventive solution is a system in its own right, delivering benefits way beyond the realms of a simple pack. The outer palettes are thermo-formed while the specific trays for parts are injection moulded HDPE.

“They form a modular system of completely returnable, reusable packages that transport engine components from global suppliers to Holden’s assembly plant.

“A family of plastic modules was designed, which accommodate parts that range in size from engine blocks to spark plugs. The system eliminates an incredible 3575 tonnes of cardboard from the supply chain each year.”

Huhtamaki Design Innovation Award: In this category, the Gold went to Streets Ice Cream 1 & 2 Litre Tubs manufactured by Carter Holt Harvey Cartons, Designed Mouldings and Unilever Australasia, with functional design by Designed Mouldings and Unilever , and graphic design by Howe Design and Montage Graphics

Judges said: “In response to a move in supermarkets from horizontal to vertical freezer cabinets, Streets has developed a flat-sided tub for their classic Blue Ribbon Ice Cream. This slimline tub offers greater shelf flexibility, and improved storage and transport space use.

“The tub offers a better graphic footprint at store-level, giving a more commanding presence and ease of shopability in vertical in-store freezers and most importantly is easier to find in the freezer at home, either in the freezer door or stored end on.”

NCI Packaging Award For Plastic Packaging: Gold went to a PET sealant cartridge designed and manufactured by Viscount Plastic s for Selleys

Judges said: “The world’s first one-piece completely clear injection-moulded cartridge replaces its more expensive two-piece predecessor. At almost half the cost, this pack has replaced the traditional cartridge in the Australian market place and Viscount Plastics has its sight set on the overseas market.

“The container provides superior clarity and chemical resistance and shows a mere one-fifth of the weight loss measured in the previous pack. The surface graphics are smart, informative and attractive. A unified colour scheme in clean red and white, and cool blues and aquas marries perfectly with the clarity of the pack.”

Pacmetal Services Award For Tinplate Innovation: The Gold medal was won by Bristol Trade Edge & Bristol Nouveau paint cans designed and manufactured by NCI Packaging, with graphic design by Barloworld Coatings Australia

Judges said: “Bristol has used the intrinsic sheen of raw metallic tinplate to express a premium product in a subtle and effective way. Gentle colour schemes tint the tub from the base up and give a tonal radiance to the tinplate base.

“ A crisp white key line gives the Edge brand identity extra punch, while the Nouveau product displays a four colour process image.

“Bringing the consumer added flexibility, this tub features a plastic ring seal that hems the lid, to allow for snap on and off functionality, an unusual feature on a tub this size.”

Wadepac k Premium Folding Carton Award: The Gold medal was won by Ernest Hillier Signature Range of chocolates, with pack components manufactured by AMR Hewitts PrintPackaging, Montage Graphics, Lorimer Foil Stamping , HyGrade Cutting Formes, Vacupack and Spicers Paper. Functional design was by AMR Hewitts PrintPackaging with graphic design by ism Graphic Design and Lupco Photography

Judges said: “This is an expert example of fine, precision print work. The level of superior design work and executional expertise is met equally by the role the final job plays in positioning this product at the very pinnacle of its category.

“Masterful embossing of precision photography has rendered the individual chocolates in the images almost into three full dimensions. Bringing the image to life, at life scale in this manner, the delicious temptation is magnified and the effect very realistic.

“The white pearlescent satin background colour is a world leader in specialty offset coating, and used in Australia only by Ernest Hillier. It is subtle, lustrous, impressive and very pleasing to the eye. A truly superior result.

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