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Thermometers and spill products from ACE Filters Australia

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ACE Filters Australia  also offers a wide range of thermometers, spill products and bio diesel products. The types of thermometer offered by ACE Filters Australia include hand held, food and laser and pocket thermometers.

Hand held thermometers include electronic thermometer which come with stainless steel probe for sensing high temperature. It has display and recording units for determining the range of temperatures. It has four digital liquid display units.

Wide range of food thermometers are also offered from ACE Filters Australia. The thermometer used for deep frying and confectioneries are made from stainless steel material and comes with container clip that can be adjusted. It is a mercury glass thermometer and has dual scale measuring units.

Spill products offered by ACE Filters Australia includes spill kits, booms, pads, rolls, drain products, floorsweeps. Different types of booms are offered for land based spills which acts as a barrier. The polypropylene white absorbent booms are specific to hydrocarbons and ideal for use on land in wet conditions. It can be placed in drains having mixture of oil and water.

Bio diesel products are ideal for large scale purposes. The Econopump is used to move oil to the containers through vats. This tank can hold materials up to 38-50 litres and utilises four micron filter papers.

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