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Industrial covers and trolley covers from ACE Filters Australia

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ACE Filters Australia  offers wide range of industrial filters including liquid filters, milk filters, quality assurance and dust filters. All these products are supplied to catering wholesalers, industrial filter distributors and so on.

The dust and fume filters include bag house filter socks, wood chip filter bags, cyclone pleated cartridges and grain filtration screens. Liquid filters come with filter pressure vessels, micron rated mesh bags and sheets, fry oil filter bags. Food processors, steel cutting filter media and hydrophobic filters are also present in liquid filters. Milk filters offered by ACE Filters Australia are strong, and resistant to tearing and ripping. Milk filters are available in various sizes to suit all types of milking machines.

Trolley covers offered by ACE Filters Australia made from non rip polyester fabric. It is easy to clean and it is washable. The trolley covers are hygienic and breathable. These are light weight and it can be folded away easily. It comes with heavy duty zips and is custom made to fit any type of trolley. Trolley covers can be insulated in both hot and cold conditions. It helps in storing food and comes with insulated base pads.

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