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Catering filters and grease filters from ACE Filters Australia

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ACE Filters Australia  offers wide range of products including grease filters, catering filters, dust and fume filters, panel and cartridge filters, liquid filtration products, vacuum and air conditioning filters. Other than these, ACE Filters Australia supplies pH metres and thermometers also.

Catering filter products from ACE Filters Australia includes oil filtration, filter bags and cones, miracle filtration powders, laboratory testing and filtration machines. The miracle oil filter powders from ACE Filters Australia can be used to remove particles from oil and it helps in destroying free fatty acids from oils.

Filter cones and bags are available in form of non oven and washable mesh. This filter bags fits ACE heavy duty conical filters. All these filters are made from food grade materials. The standard bags offered include medium and large pre filter, medium final filter and coarse mesh bags.

ACE Filters Australia also offers grease filters which come in various sizes. The filter frames of grease filters are made from aluminium frames. Aluminium foil is crimped to honey comb pattern to form filter core and it comes with retractable steel plated handles.

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