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Three phase transformers and auto starter transformers from ABW Engineering

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ABW Engineering  specialises in the design and manufacture of electrical transformers as well as associated wire wound components. These electrical transformers and wire wound components provided by ABW Engineering are specifically suitable for medical, telecommunications, defence as well as industrial sectors. ABW Engineering manufactures power transformers and several other components including current transformers, voltage transformers, inductors, toroidal components, power factor correction reactors, line filters, chokes as well as auto starter transformers.

ABW Engineering manufactures three phase transformers ranging from 70 volt-amperes upto one kilovolt ampere. These transformers designed by ABW Engineering have been manufactured using EI laminations.

ABW Engineering also provides three phase auto-starter transformers that are available in both double as well as triple coil versions. These transformers have been specifically designed for limiting the in-rush or the starting current of three phase motors. These auto starters also have thermostats or thermistors for providing operational safety.

ABW Engineering also provides comprehensive range of services including complete design and testing facilities, designing as well as manufacturing prototype products, vacuum epoxy encapsulation, dip and vacuum varnishing, metal work and press shop facilities. ABW Engineering offers lamination stamping services and also involved in the rework as well repair of transformers and associated products.

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