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Single phase transformers and enclosures from ABW Engineering

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ABW Engineering  designs and manufactures standard enclosures and single phase transformers. Standard enclosures provided by ABW Engineering are available in varying dimensions that can be used for housing several products designed by the company. Size of the enclosure is dependent on the specific design of the product structure. These standard enclosures are available with detachable bases that enable wiring facility. ABW Engineering also provides alternate enclosure styles that can be easily fitted with cords, sockets as well as conduit entries.

ABW Engineering provides different types single phase transformers. These single phase transformers have been manufactured in various voltages according to individual requirements. Different types of single phase transformers offered by ABW Engineering include single phase with voltage ranging from 50 volt ampere to two kilovolt ampere, transformers with voltage exceeding 2.5 kilovolt ampere, single phase transformers with voltage of about 240 volts as well as single phase transformers that are PCB mounted with voltage upto 35 volt ampere.

Single phase power transformers with voltage of 240 volts designed by ABW Engineering are available as fully enclosed structure comprising of mains power lead, plug and socket. These enclosed transformers are available in different voltage ratings.

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