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QDF-flanged metal detector

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article image Flanged metal detector to be used in coal mining for the detection of brass and copper explosive detonation devices

THE QDF- Flanged metal detector from ABM Metal Detectors is a high performance system suitable for detecting ferrous and Non-ferrous metallic contamination in hay bales, rubber or large boxed non-metallic products.

The Flanged metal detector consists of an aluminium constructed detecting head with full surround triple coil system filled with a non-shrink urethane resin for complete sealing. The flanges on each side of the detector face greatly reduce external electrical and mechanical interference produced by other equipment in close proximity to the detector from affecting its operation.

The aperture size of 640mm wide x 470mm high can easily detect a 2.5mm x 15mm length of fence wire deeply imbedded in the centre of a hay bale, and a 2.5mm x 3mm piece of wire towards the outer edges of the detector coils. The system operates using analogue main controls with digital pulse phase modulation and phase discriminating signal demodulation network coupled to a dual gated signal detection system for optimum performance.

The system is designed with full automatic temperature compensation control with AFT and AGC/AFC circuits for maximum performance on conductive products. Full reject timer facilities are also provided with the system including output relay for controlling external equipment.

The unit can also be constructed with remote mounted controls up to 15m away from the detector head.

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