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Wetlands protected by flow meters

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ABB ’S AquaMaster electromagnetic water meters are helping to preserve marshes and wetlands around three German coal mines.

The 25 meters measure the amount of water being pumped back into the nature reserves from the open-cut lignite mines, where constant pumping controls groundwater levels.

Previously mechanical flow meters were used.

Because no mains electricity is available at the location of the meters, the company opted for the AquaMaster meters, which are fitted with their own battery power supply.

With a measurement accuracy of ±0.5 percent over a turndown range of 1000:1, the AquaMaster can deliver accurate measurement even at extremely low flow rates.

ABB’s COPA XE compact electromagnetic flow meters are used by the mining company to monitor pumping stations in the mines, where accessing mains power is not an issue.

Previously, erosive particles in the untreated mine water led to frequent maintenance as sand in the water eroded the mechanical meters. The company tested 11 COPA XE units in its mines for nine months, proving so successful it has ordered a further 35 instruments.

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