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Vision guided robotic bin picking systems from ABB Australia

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ABB Australia , power and automation technology group, have expanded their application range for robot automation with the introduction of robotic bin picking. The new system, unveiled at Chicago's International Manufacturing Technology Show last year, was the first public demonstration of an ABB Australia robot that can reliably locate and disseminate jumbled and randomly situated materials from bins.

The robotic bin picking system utilises the vision guidance software of partner Braintech and the IRC 5 robot controller developed by ABB Australia.

According to Olivier Coquerel, Robotics Sales Manager, ABB Australia, the company are expanding the application range of robot automation by demonstrating that their robots are now able to perform a random bin picking task. This task is a challenge for a robot, given the potential for collisions and the challenges associated with finding the right part to pick in a container with hundreds of parts.

The robotic bin picking system offers a number of benefits such as faster productivity, improved quality, reduced capital and maintenance costs, all leading to increased profitability.

Packaged as part of ABB Australia TrueView vision guidance product line, the robotic bin picking will be available from ABB Australia’s Robotics Partners at the end of February 2009.

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