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Smoothing selection and use of drives

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ABB’s new ACS150 compact component drives cover the 0.37kW to 4kW power range and are simple to install and commission without any specialised drive knowledge.

The user interface incorporates the same logic as found in higher-powered ABB drives while a backlit LCD display makes the integrated control panel easy to use.

Motor speed is set using the front-panel potentiometer, which ABB says is the most intuitive frequency control method for many users.

The company says its FlashDrop technology makes parameter selection and setting as easy as operating a TV remote control.

Important parameters are quickly and safely downloaded into a drive using a hand-held FlashDrop unit, which can store several parameter sets with each set individually named to identify the associated user or application.

Parameter setting is possible without a power connection to the drive and, in fact, it is unnecessary to even unpack the drive. ABB says this lets distributors pre-configure drives before delivery.

The menu structure is customised with FlashDrop while parameters are set and hidden, changing the appearance of the menu for faster set-up and configuration. It also enables users to readily copy parameters between drives; they are simply uploaded into the unit and then downloaded into a second drive.

The unit is connected to a PC for additional storage capacity, which allows the creation and editing of parameter sets using the PC interface.

The company says FlashDrop is quick and convenient to use.

The drives’ integrated control panel has long and short menus, with the parameters in the short menu selected to meet the needs of 80% of basic applications. The Changed Parameter display is helpful for troubleshooting.

The supply and I/O connections are set side-by-side at the bottom of the front panel for easy access and the connections are clearly marked. A safety function provides protection if the wiring is not implemented correctly.

The control connections comprise one analogue and five digital inputs, one of which is configurable for pulse train, and one relay output.

The new drives incorporate a built-in EMC filter and a braking chopper as standard, but still remain compact. Indeed, ABB says the 400V drives over 0.75kW are the smallest in their class.

The drives offer convenient installation in control cabinets.

All drives across the range feature unified height and depth with only the width changing for different power ratings. All screw holes are at the same height and it is possible to mount cable tunnels horizontally.

In addition to screw fixing, the drives can use a DIN rail for mounting. They are mounted side-by-side or, when space is limited, with one side to the back of the cabinet.

The drives’ own housing provides IP20 protection.

The new component drives are available for 1-phase (200V) and 3-phase (200V and 400V) operation, and are rated to 2.2kW for 200V and to 4kW for 400V.

Typical applications include pumps, fans, conveyors and mixers.

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