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ABB is offering a range of maintenance services aimed at enhancing the reliability of motors used in manufacturing.

Motor maintenance services include motor assessments, ensuring the motor is set up correctly and accurately matched for its application. This can identify hidden faults and save thousands of dollars in energy and motor replacement costs.

Vibration analysis is also offered. ABB uses CSI 2130 vibration analysers to identify mechanical problems including bearing condition, unbalance, misalignment and other setup faults.

Current and flux spectrum analysis can be carried out to uncover defects such as broken rotor bars, air gap eccentricity and shorted turns in the stator windings. Testing of the electrical and magnetic parameters for the windings of dc and ac motors can help in assessment of the motor conditions both as a benchmark on the new motor and in operation.

Insulation tests include enhanced dc absorption, polarisation index, step voltage, tan delta, and partial discharge assess the condition of the insulation of the machines. An optimal maintenance plan is created so as not to interrupt the manufacturing process.

Motor repair services are available at ABB's four rotating machines workshops located in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. All workshops have large-capacity overhead cranes, vacuum pressure impregnation, balancing machines, burn out and baking ovens, and trained personnel.

All test data is kept in ABB's database, which allows data entry, storage, analysis and trending across a range of parameters.

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