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Intelligent motor control for demanding processes

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article image The INSUM system uses LON bus technology.

INSUM is an intelligent system used in ABB MNS low voltage switchgear, offering superior protection, control and monitoring for user-optimised motor management.

With only two standard microprocessor devices (MCUs), extensive motor protection, control and monitoring can be achieved with the INSUM system. MCU 1 is used for the most basic applications while MCU 2 provides additional functionality for the most complex and advanced applications. The INSUM system therefore offers a fit-for-purpose solution.

The detailed information on the motor status and configuration is communicated site wide, providing the plant operator with information enabling preventative actions.

The protection functions are configurable and can be enabled or disabled depending on the requirement. Additionally, protection functions can be set to trip only or alarm only.

The INSUM Switchgear Unit is the switchgear hub for simultaneous communication to higher-level control systems via gateways.

A variety of protocols are available such as MODBUS RTU, PROFIBUS DP, and Ethernet TCP/IP. Depending on the selected protocol, up to 128 field devices distributed over four subnets can be connected to one switchgear unit. The switchgear unit also supports multi-master communication and dual-redundancy.

At switchboard level, the INSUM system uses the LON bus technology, which differs from the master-slave mode most commonly used. With master-slave protocols the master controls communication on the bus and cyclically exchanges information with every slave device (bus polling). In most applications the DCS assumes the role of the master.

In LON, peer to peer or master-master communications allow exchange of data between devices on an equal rights basis. Field devices and control systems communicate on an event-driven basis, leading to shorter response times.

An interface at switchboard level is provided for maintenance personnel in the form of an MMI. The MMI enables the operator to configure, control and monitor all devices connected to the switchgear unit.

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