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Industrial IT controls Chinese cement facility

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ABB has successfully equipped the YunNan cement facility operated by the DianXi cement company with latest Industrial IT automation technology.

The plant comprises three production lines which have a daily cement production capacity of 1000 tons, or nine million tons a year. The maximum production capacity is 11 million tons per year: so this is the plant with the largest capacity in the YunNan province.

The customer gets the control system based on Industrial IT. The plant network uses the TCP/IP model to interconnect the different automation components.

The Control IT AC800F controllers support PROFIBUS DP and DP V1 and, additionally, the engineering software can program field devices online.

In the project a large quantity of PA devices are used, such as ABB Field IT temperature transmitters, Field IT standard and differential pressure transmitters and other third party devices.

The engineering software in the Control Builder F provides a uniform approach to configuring all these devices online, which improves engineering efficiency and reduces cost.

Although the DP V1 standards have resolved the versatility problem of fieldbus equipment configuration, smaller differences exists in each vendor's field devices, so engineers need to spend much time in reading parameter references for each device to do DP V configuration.

Because of the ABB engineering software's template technology, there are templates readily available for different manufactures' field devices based on the standards.

These templates can be used directly or downloaded from ABBs internet website, which saves a lot of configuration work to the engineers. Native language support was important to allow Chinese operators operating the plant effectively.

Industrial IT describes the ABB group commitment to bridging the gap between industrial and business assets and the information technology (IT) required to integrate these components in real time.

The commitment encompasses a portfolio of compatible product building blocks for power, automation, and information; a robust, open architecture for integrated solutions; plus the domain expertise acquired through more than 100 years of meeting customer needs. ABB Australia 02 9434 6758.

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