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IRB 5400 high performance paint robots from ABB Australia

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article image IRB 5400 paint robot systems offer high acceleration and speed, combined with the ability to carry heavy loads

Now available from ABB Australia , IRB 5400 paint robots are high performance paint robot systems that have been designed to provide short cycle times and increased production capacity.

These industrial robots offer high acceleration, extensive load capacities, a large work envelope and integrated process equipment.

The high load capacity of IRB 5400 paint robots allows for process equipment to be installed close to the applicator, hence reducing waste.

An Integrated Process System (IPS) integrates the paint application equipment in the robot arm of these devices. With colour change valves and paint pumps close to the paint wrist, the result is reduced material consumption and significant paint savings.

Installation, set up and process tuning is fast and easy, as air and fluid regulation, pilot valves, flow sensors, bell speed and high voltage control are also integrated in these paint robot systems.

IRB 5400 paint robots can also be mounted on a trolley for operating on a rail where required.

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