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article image ABB’s new HV motor.

ABB has launched an inexpensive, high voltage standard induction motor that can be produced within weeks of ordering.

The new motor, part of ABB’s Process Performance range, utilises a combination of ABB high voltage (HV) motor design and the M3BP platform of ABB's stock-standard low voltage cast iron motors.

The result is a motor with a straightforward design; a significantly lower price when compared to an engineered motor; and with a standardised ordering process.

The initial release will see frame sizes 315 to 400, horizontal foot mounted and vertical flange mounted. The range will be extended later this year.

The current output range is 110 to 530kW, 3 to 6.6kV, 2 to 12 poles. NEMA frames 506AT to 688, 125 to 600hp, 60Hz 2,3 to 4kV are also available. All frames are cast iron and rib-cooled.

"Simplicity sums up the new motor," says Csaba Szabo, machines product manager with ABB Australia.

"It is the best of two good motors combined into one. This brings simplicity of design and a simple ordering process that allows ABB's sales network to take advantage of the central order management system of ABB low voltage motors.

“Selecting and dimensioning of the motor is also easy: the technical data can be found in a catalogue and the existing low voltage motor dimensioning program can be used."

The crucial aspect of this approach is that the new HV motor range is designed in such way that it would be suitable for a very wide range of applications without the increased risk of incorrect selection.

This is a new concept in HV motor design. ABB has achieved this task by designing a high torque motor, which features a modest starting current but also very high efficiency.

The motor features exceptional starting characteristics making it suitable for pumps, fans and compressors. The new design has low noise levels and low vibration.

IP65 protection is available, mainly due to a patent design valve that closes the grease output channel. Reliable bearings and windings, long maintenance intervals and long lifetime are other features.

Of the protection types for hazardous areas, the motor is available as non-sparking, EEx nA II T3 and dust ignition proof (DIP) motor for zones 21 and 22. Both types are IEC/ATEX certified.

To reach the volume benefits in manufacturing, ABB will use standard components from its low voltage motors factory, such as rotors and castings. An added benefit is a targeted 30 days fabrication time, which is considerably fast for a HV motor.

ABB will continue the range of engineered cast iron high voltage motors, named HXR. The new motor will complement this product range by offering an economical version for lower kW, pump, fan and compressor applications.

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