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ABB has launched the IRB 6600, a high-precision, agile yet robust robot, specially designed for demanding process applications such as spot welding, materials handling and machine tending.

The IRB 6600 is flexible and has been designed to accommodate production changes with a simple modular concept.

The upper arm extenders and selection of wrist modules allow easy customisation, while the working range is greatly extended by its ability to bend fully backwards.

The 'bend-over-backwards' capability means that space, a precious resource, is not wasted.

Further benefits are that cycles times are speeded-up and as there's no need to rotate around axis 1, the arm simply swings backwards thereby making the cell more compact and less costly.

In addition, the working range and capacity of the robot is easily extended affording the freedom to make future changes in production.

The entire robot, comes standard in IP67 format, has the capability for foundry protection, is resistant to corrosive environments and fluids and, unlike its predecessors, if you submerge it in water, it will still work.

In addition, the IRB 6600 is designed with a number of bottom-line boosting benefits, including active collision detection, self-tuning performance, an on-board service information system and ABS brakes.

The rugged cast steel construction allows the robot to withstand high stress and collision forces - even when traveling at speed.

A range of software products has also been added to provide 'active safety' which will protect not only personnel in the unlikely event of an accident but also the robot.

Active safety features include LoadID, which identifies loads and measures tool inertia, and this works in tandem with collision detection to protect peripheral equipment while cutting downtime.

An electronically stabilised path keeps the robot on its pre-programmed path. Software sensors 'sense' accelerations and stresses in metal, motors and transmissions helping to optimise each work cycle.

Self-tuning performance permits the robot to adapt to payload - it runs faster with low loads and slower with a high load, both reducing cycle time and facilitating higher throughput.

The IRB 6600 is productive, flexible and dependable and has five models in the range featuring a handling capacity of up to 225kg, a reach of up to 3.2m and a wrist torque of up to 1320Nm.

The robot is fully equipped with an optimised cable package for most processes and electricity, water and compressed air are integrated with the robot to provide quick installation and efficient production.

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