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Gas and liquid automated measurement

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ABB has introduced a ControlIT solution that performs multi-tube flow compensation calculations. Gas and liquid flow calculations can be combined within one ABB controller using the new automated measurement system.

Gas flow calculations are available for gas orifice, gas turbines and others. Liquid flow calculations are available for liquid orifice and liquid turbines for various densities.

The automated measurement system provides high accuracy calculations for temperature, pressure and compensation of oil and gas products. This allows flows to be measured and totaled with custody transfer level accuracy within a single controller.

The multi-stream capability and standardised hardware of this solution reduces implementation, minimises plant training, reduces hardware spares and reduces capital costs.

This new ControlIT solution delivers higher value to customers by including the integration of flow values into advanced control, production management applications and IndustrialIT solutions.

"Our customers are extremely pleased with this new enhancement," says ABB project manager Robert Cowdery.

"We have installed the new automated measurement software at Chevron Canada Resources, Mobil Oil and Conneco (Dubai) with positive results." ABB Australia 02 9434 6758.

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