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Fibre optic modem for Modbus Plus

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article image The fibre-optic Modem OZD Modbus Plus G12 from Hirschmann Electronics.

HIRSCHMANN Electronics has added the fibre-optic Modem OZD Modbus Plus G12 to its range of industrial line products.

This modem, available from ABB Australia , which has been specially designed for use in industrial environments, permits high-speed and high-availability fibre-optic data networks for the transmission protocol Modbus Plus.

The devices can be used wherever the reliability of the components is an especially important factor, e.g. in automotive production or process management at industrial plants.

The modem has a robust and compact metal housing which provides effective protection against electromagnetic interference fields.

A total of three ports are available - one for twisted-pair cables and two for fibre-optic cables. The transmission rate is 1Mbit/s with a maximum transmission distance of 2,500 metres.

The devices can be used both in a redundant ring structure and in conventional line and star cable installations.

In a ring structure, the HIPER Ring concept (Hirschmann Performance Redundancy Ring) ensures that, in the event of a cable break, the network is automatically reconfigured within less than 500 milliseconds.

The modems can be either clipped onto mounting rails or attached using screws. The operating parameters can be read off at clearly visible LED indicators.

An integrated signaling contact also provides the possibility of remote diagnosis. These two features make both set-up and maintenance of the devices much easier.

The automation and networking product range from Hirschmann Electronics is represented in Australia by the Automation Technology Products division of ABB Australia.

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