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Dynamic reflux sampler for Analyse IT Suite

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article image Dynamic reflux sampler DRS2170.

ABB has released a new dynamic reflux sampler DRS2170 for the Analyse IT Suite.

The simple and reliable Analyse IT DRS2170 solves complex sampling problems such as hot, particulate laden and corrosive samples in a process, for application engineering.

The primary sample conditioning occurs in-situ. Condensable components are removed and are used to support particulate removal before they can effect the sample transport system's downstream components and the analyser. The unit is a self-contained sampling device suitable for mounting at or near the process pipeline tap.

The solution can be used for gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, continuous gas analysers, photometers or other analysers with difficult sample conditions.

The Analyse IT DRS2170 provides a high sample throughput of clean samples provided to the analyser. The unit is self-cleaning, precisely controls temperature and is controlled with set-point tuning. It also comes with hazardous area certification.

The DRS2170 is suitable for use with fluidised cat crackers (O2, GC, MS, Photometer, CGA), naphtha cracker furnace gas (GC, MS, Photometer, CGA), ethylene furnace measurements (GC, MS, Photometer, CGA ), coal gasification process (CO, CO2, O2, Photometer, CGA), acetylene (O2, GC), reformers (O2) and ammonia production (MS).

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