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Company Focus: ABB Australia's industrial robots for arc welding, material handling and assembly applications

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article image The IRB 1520ID robotic arc welder can easily weld around cylindrical objects without any stops

In the first part of this series, we covered the PalletPack 460 palletising robot function package, an all-in-one robotic solution designed to be easy to program and to lower the hurdle to entry into automation in end-of-line palletising applications

Here, we will turn our attention to two other industrial robots available from ABB Australia, one that is designed for arc welding and another that is suitable for a variety of material handling and assembly applications.

IRB 1520ID robotic arc welder

The IRB 1520ID is a high precision robotic arc welder that combines 24/7 production output with 50% lower cost of maintenance, providing what ABB describes as the lowest cost per weld in its class.

It features integrated process dressing, wherein the hose package is totally integrated into the upper arm and through the base of the robot. All media necessary for arc welding including power, welding wire, shielding gas and pressurised air is routed, providing for maximised performance and energy efficiency.

Further, this integrated dressing means that welding around cylindrical objects can be carried out without any stops and narrow spaces can be more easily accessed.

The IRB 1520ID offers a payload capacity of four kilograms and a reach of 1.5 metres, and can be mounted in both floor and inverted positions, allowing for short cycle times and suitability for a wide range of production applications.

To ensure optimal path accuracy, the arc welder is equipped with second generation TrueMove technology, while QuickMove technology allows the robot to utilise maximum acceleration between welds, increasing output.

As with the IRB 460 palletizing robot, ABB's FlexPendant handles all robot and arc welding process programming and maintenance.

IRB 120 industrial robot for flexible and compact production

ABB's smallest industrial robot, the IRB 120 is designed for use in material handling and assembly applications. It weighs only 25 kilograms, with its compact design enabling mounting virtually anywhere, whether inside a cell, on top of a machine or close to other robots on the production line.

Key to the diminished size of the IRB 120 is ABB's IRC5 Compact controller, designed to enable easy commissioning through one phase power input, external connectors for all signals and a built-in expandable 16 in, 16 out, I/O system.

The IRB 120 is suitable for a variety of industries including the:

  • electronic
  • food and beverage
  • machinery
  • solar
  • pharmaceutical
  • medical; and
  • research sectors.
For environments with stringent cleanliness standards, a white finish Clean Room ISO class 5 version is also available.

The six axis IRB 120 can handle payloads of up to three kilograms (four with its wrist down) and has a horizontal reach of 580mm. It also has the ability to reach 112mm below its base, and is capable of carrying out a series of operations using flexible rather than hard automated solutions.

Smooth surfaces make this industrial robot easy to clean, and the cables for air and customer signals are internally routed, all the way from the foot to the wrist, ensuring that integration is effortless.

RobotStudio for offline programming enables manufacturers to simulate a production cell to find the optimal position for the robot, and provide offline programming to prevent costly downtime and delays to production.

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